Best laptop for machine learning

Best laptop for machine learning

Programmers and web developers are more likely to prefer laptops over desktop PCs so as not to tie themselves to the workplace. It's great to have a working tool always at hand, traveling, being on a long journey or a comfortable bed. But unlike personal computers, laptops are often less productive (you have to pay much more for performance, like on a PC), prone to heat and frequent breakdowns. And many of them have a completely uncomfortable keyboard. Therefore, it is worthwhile to approach the question of which laptop to choose and buy for programming with special responsibility.

What is the best laptop for machine learning and why? Consider all aspects of the choice and present the ranking of the best laptops for a coder. There will be a wide range of prices, as financial capabilities are different for everyone. Nevertheless, each model presented here is one of the best in its segment, according to experts and users.

The best budget laptops for machine learning

10. HONOR MAGICBOOK X 15BBR-WAH9 – a new hit in the budget segment
9. ASUS ZENBOOK 14 UX425EA-KI421TEA-KI421T – semi-premium ultrabook

Best laptops for most programming tasks, value for money (16 GB RAM)

8. LENOVO YOGA C740-14IML – universal transformer for reasonable money
7. LENOVO THINKBOOK 14S YOGA-ITL – another productive transformer
6. XIAOMI MI NOTEBOOK PRO 15.6″ 2021 – incredible OLED display
5. XIAOMI REDMIBOOK PRO 15.6″ – top for your money

Top laptops for programmers, the best in 2022

4. HP SPECTER X360 13-AW2021UR – Portable, Best Outdoor
3. APPLE MACBOOK PRO 16 LATE 2019 is the best for its time
2. DELL XPS 15 9510 – Graphics Performance
1. MACBOOK PRO LATE 16 (2021) – and again the best

Which laptop is best for machine learning?

One of the common misconceptions: "writing code and typing in Word load the computer hardware in the same way." It's far from it. A professional programmer has to not only puzzle over, in fact, writing code, but also run various development tools and virtual machines, open 100,500 browser tabs and more.

When choosing the best laptop for programming in 2022, the first criteria should be a powerful processor (pay attention to clock speeds, number of cores and threads) and a large amount of RAM. The speed of the drive also seriously affects the performance of the system, so it is better to stop at the SSD (the amount of memory is up to you).

Consider more than just pure power. Keyboard comfort and display size are just as important if you're coding on a laptop. The keys require high travel, responsiveness and as much space as possible. It greatly slows down the work when, when you press one key, you touch the next one, or when, due to the low responsiveness of the keys, you constantly skip the necessary characters. And if the display size forces you to look closely at the already small fonts, it’s not far from reducing your vision.

On the other hand, the world is becoming more mobile, and lugging around a huge 17-inch colossus can be too expensive. Therefore, the rating uses, among other things, models with a 14-inch screen. Moreover, progers often need a laptop to work outside the home, and a full-fledged PC can be the main working device.